Huddersfield Canal Adventure

Since we last spoke we were making preparations to leave the Peak Forest Canal and head onto the Huddersfield Canal. I spent an afternoon moving the boat by myself and mooring up near the lift bridge at Hyde, just a few hundred yards short of Portland Basin, north of Manchester.

One of the great things about this new lifestyle is the wonderful people we have met on our travels and also because of our YouTube Channel. On the Sunday we had a lovely visit with Lisa & Glenn from a “Life full of Meaning” we love their channel and they are such a lovely couple. We were so happy they came to visit us, they were even nicer in person.

We were approached by a regional BBC News Department to be interviewed for an upcoming piece and they asked if any of our Patrons would be happy to send in a clip explaining why they like to support us. We were really touched by the kind messages and video’s we received.

I have had more commissions to finish and have been working on some of my own art. I have been that overwhelmed with commissions that I have had to close my diary for this year, but will be taking some some commissions for March next year.

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I have had to order new pencils, paper and prints as well as mounts and envelopes to keep up with demand.

Once we travelled onto the Huddersfield Canal we were blown away by the scenery. We did have one bit of trouble, when some drunken youths untied our boat in the middle of the night, but luckily no damage was caused.

The rolling hills and Countryside around this area are stunning. Just a mile or so from where we are moored is Holmfirth, home of many TV dramas including Last of the Summer Wine.

At Uppermill Anthony went to fill the boat with water and slipped  Into the canal but also hurt his ribs as he grabbed the boat on the way down, it was painful for a few days. We found a lovely cafe called Grande Abaco. We had a few drinks to celebrate Anthony passing his exams and popped back for a meal.

I have fallen in love with this area and especially Uppermill, but we have been told it gets even nicer further on. We have booked our passage through Standedge Tunnel, build in 1811 and 5,189 m long (5,675 yards) it’s the longest, deepest and highest in the UK. Wish us luck, we travel through on the 9th August.

We have also booked to go to Crick Boat Festival at the end of August. We are hoping to meet a few viewers of the channel and fellow vloggers too.

Well thanks for reading and have great week.


14 thoughts on “Huddersfield Canal Adventure

  • Caroline goldmanAugust 6, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Rr. So glad anthony passed , tell him well done. Glad he recovering after slipping. Your artwork is brilliant. Sorry to hear theres idiots out who untied your boat obviously on the streets as trouble makers. We would love to of gone the crick show but cant make it this year. Hope you enjoy. Best wishes from eddie and caroline

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:36 am

      Hi Caroline
      Thanks for your message. We absolutely loved Crick, it was our first time at the show and really happy to meet so many viewers of the channel. We hope to do the whole weekend next year. I ws really chuffed Anthony passed hs exams and it means he can relax more now. Take care 💕

  • Susan LeadbetterAugust 6, 2021 at 5:02 pm

    Hi Paul and Anthony, great read, good luck when you do the tunnel😱
    Glad you have art work coming in Paul, I’m not surprised you’re booked up. Congratulations Anthony on passing your exams 👏👏👏👏🍷, never in doubt, you worked hard for it. Dave is going to Crick boat festival on the 20th August the Friday. Take care care .

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:33 am

      Hi Susan we enjoyed the tunnel, update coming soon. Really pleased for Anthony, he worked really hard. Sorry we missed Dave we only went on the Saturday and spent Friday with friends at the campsite.

  • Donna RocchioAugust 6, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    Thanks for the update. I follow your weekly Vlogs, and look forward to them. Keep on Floating.

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:31 am

      Thanks Donna and thanks so much for watching our channel. Paul, Anthony & dexter 💕

  • Rosemary JonesAugust 6, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks for this newsletter. I love following you both on U-tube each week and would really like to ‘do’ the Peak Forest area but as we are moving our boat down onto the North Oxford shortly (to be nearer our home) I will have to content myself with watching the U-tube posts. Maybe we will see you at Crick and if so we will come and say Hello. Enjoy your cruising.

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:30 am

      Hi Rosemary. Thanks for your message and for your kid comments. We did love the Peak Forest but to be honest we have loved the Huddersfield and the Calder and pebble. They all have their challenges but we have loved the adventure. Take Care 💕

  • Bryan MitchellAugust 6, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Paul & Anthony, good luck on Aug. 9th, travelling through Standedge Tunnel. Thank you for the updates. That is a great photo of you with Glen & Lisa. Enjoy the Crick boat show. Beautiful pictures of your work Paul. We are glad to hear that Anthony passed his exams, but not surprised. Hope you are feeling better after your fall. We look forward to your vlogs every week. We have had to postpone our own canal adventure from September 2021 to May 2022. This is the second time we have postponed. Covid is still ruling our lives. Thank you for sharing your canal adventures, its almost like being there. Stay safe,
    Bryan & Donna

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:28 am

      Hi Bryan and Donna so sorry to hear your plans have had to be postponed. Glad that you can get your narrowboat fix watching our channel. Anthony made a full recovery after his fall, that seems like months ago now, but it wasn’t that long ago. Thanks for watching 💕

  • Paula SmithAugust 31, 2021 at 3:55 am

    I really enjoyed reading about your adventures.. I absolutely love “Last of the Summer Wine”. When I saw Huddersfield & ofc Holmsfirth, I immediately thought of the show. I love the beautiful scenery they had on the show. I watch it all the time on BritBox on Prime(here in the US). I’m so sorry Anthony fell. That sounds very painful. Since it’s almost September, that I’m writing this, I hope he’s made a complete recovery. Congratulations on your art! You’re an amazing artist so I’m not surprised you’re so busy with commissions! I love the pieces of art I own of yours, I especially feel very very lucky to have an original piece that I LOVE ❤️

    Thank you for sharing your life with us 💜

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:26 am

      Thank you so much Paula. Anthony made a full recovery and it’s now all part of the adventure.Thank you so much for your support and for buying my art. Hope you had a lovely weekend.💕

    • adminSeptember 7, 2021 at 7:39 am

      Thanks Paula, sorry for the slow reply. We loved the countryside and the villages around that area, I wish we could have explored even more and flown the drone around to show the beautiful scenery. Thanks for buying my art and your continued support. Take care 💕

    • adminNovember 29, 2021 at 10:39 am

      Hi Paula
      Sorry for the slow reply. Jus catching up with messages. I loved last of the Summer Wine too. We filmed there even though it was raining. Unfortunately all that film was lost, we were gutted. But never mind we will have to return one day.Thanks for your kind comments and for watching our channel. Paul x


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