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Huddersfield Canal Adventure

Since we last spoke we were making preparations to leave the Peak Forest Canal and head onto the Huddersfield Canal. I spent an afternoon moving the boat by myself and mooring up near the lift bridge at Hyde, just a few hundred yards short of Portland Basin, north of Manchester.

One of the great things about this new lifestyle is the wonderful people we have met on our travels and also because of our YouTube Channel. On the Sunday we had a lovely visit with Lisa & Glenn from a “Life full of Meaning” we love their channel and they are such a lovely couple. We were so happy they came to visit us, they were even nicer in person.

We were approached by a regional BBC News Department to be interviewed for an upcoming piece and they asked if any of our Patrons would be happy to send in a clip explaining why they like to support us. We were really touched by the kind messages and video’s we received.

I have had more commissions to finish and have been working on some of my own art. I have been that overwhelmed with commissions that I have had to close my diary for this year, but will be taking some some commissions for March next year.

You can now get FREE postage Worldwide for a limited time when you spend £80 or more on any prints.

I have had to order new pencils, paper and prints as well as mounts and envelopes to keep up with demand.

Once we travelled onto the Huddersfield Canal we were blown away by the scenery. We did have one bit of trouble, when some drunken youths untied our boat in the middle of the night, but luckily no damage was caused.

The rolling hills and Countryside around this area are stunning. Just a mile or so from where we are moored is Holmfirth, home of many TV dramas including Last of the Summer Wine.

At Uppermill Anthony went to fill the boat with water and slipped  Into the canal but also hurt his ribs as he grabbed the boat on the way down, it was painful for a few days. We found a lovely cafe called Grande Abaco. We had a few drinks to celebrate Anthony passing his exams and popped back for a meal.

I have fallen in love with this area and especially Uppermill, but we have been told it gets even nicer further on. We have booked our passage through Standedge Tunnel, build in 1811 and 5,189 m long (5,675 yards) it’s the longest, deepest and highest in the UK. Wish us luck, we travel through on the 9th August.

We have also booked to go to Crick Boat Festival at the end of August. We are hoping to meet a few viewers of the channel and fellow vloggers too.

Well thanks for reading and have great week.


Getting Ready to Leave

Here we are, it’s March and we are planning to move out of our Winter Marina very soon. It’s glorious outside today, but we know that’s about to change and strong winds of up to 40mph are due to hit the Uk this week, making it very difficult to manoeuvre a Narrowboat.

We have made some amazing friends while moored here at Fettlers Wharf for the last five months…has it really been that long? We have other friends who are spending their first Winter on a Narrowboat and none of us can deny that this winter has been tough, mentally and physically. It’s been a very wet and cold winter with snow and ice and being in lockdown this has taken a lot of the fun out of it. We were hoping to sit with our neighbours on our boat or visit them on theirs.

Not to be deterred we have sat out at the end of our boat joined by our wonderful neighbours all socially distanced of course, through cold temperatures and even snow, drinking hot chocolate or coffee with a drop of baileys and we have laughed and loved every minute of it. We have named ourselves the weekend warriors. So thank you Colin, Sheila or Sherrie to her friends Fiona and Jude for asking our stay so much more enjoyable. We are really going to miss then when we leave but hope to be back this Winter. Colin and Debbie, Martin & Mandella what can we say but THANK YOU, you really are such wonderful people.

Yesterday I went for my Covid vaccine at Salford Royal Hospital, I had the Pfizer vaccine and no side effects only a slightly sore arm and for me its been no worse than having a flu jab. The hospital staff were amazing and really have the vaccines and entry into the hospital down to a fine art and most of all were very friendly. Thank you NHS staff at Salford Royal, you are all amazing.

I have had so many enquires and orders for pet commissions, I will have to close my diary for 2021 soon or I won’t have tome to practice my own art or work on my gallery and YouTube.

As I sit and write this the sun is shining, I have a black coffee at my side, Dexter is snoring, the fire is lit, I have my prints all packaged and ready to post out, I have three more commissions to finish this month, plus a boat to clean, inside and out ready for our departure.

Wish us well as we are about to set sail on our next adventure.

Thanks for reading.

Paul, Anthony & Dexter

Tools of my Trade

I recently took some picture for my website and for our channel pages on Instagram and Facebook. Although I studied art and design for two years, I never dreamt that pastel pencils would become the tools of my trade. While at Art College we used Gouche, Oil Paint, we screen printed on fabric, we studied photography, ceramics, graphics and life drawing. We never used coloured pencils although I do remember using sticks of pastel and charcoal.

I always wanted to use watercolour and have started to experiment in this medium. but a year ago I started to use coloured pencils and loved the detail you could achieve, then came along pastel pencils and I just loved the results.

In a recent YouTube video I mentioned a pet portrait I was working on and the enquires have stared to pour in. I’m now booked up months in advance and this is wonderful. I will need to take some time off from commissions so I can work on my own art and have images ready for my Calendar and Christmas cards.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


Narrowboat Living in Lockdown

Well here we are living on our Narrowboat in a Marina during lockdown. How’s it been? Actually not too bad, okay we can’t visit our friends on the Marina for a brew and a chat like we were hoping and we can’t invite family and friends over to join us on the boat for a day our or simply a catch up. Our parents haven’t even seen the boat yet. But we have made some amazing friends here at the Marina.

Every Sunday we sat out no matter how cld it is and chat to our neighbours, all socially distanced of course. It’s really nice to have that human interaction with our neighbours and it’s one of the great things about the boating community. We have had so many offers of help from people, we have had cake, scones, bread even lea left for us.

While in the Marina and not actually sailing it gives me time to edit our YouTube video’s and produce new pieces of art as well as catch up with my commission work.

We also have water and electricity hook up and maybe its good that we have had to spend this winter in a Marina. As David from Cruising the Cut says, going out on your boat cruising in winter can take the fun out of it.

I have also dabbled with watercolours and really loving this medium at last.

We are hoping to go cruising out on the cut as soon as its okay to do so and we have actually checked with the Canal and River Trust who have said we are okay to travel and get closer to Anthony’s work. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading


Featured on Cruising The Cut

“Holy moly this man knows how to draw!”

David from Cruising the Cut asked if I would like my artwork featured on a video to be released in November and the resulting order numbers were amazing. So nice of David from YouTube Channel Cruising The Cut to feature the work of artists and small businesses that operate from narrowboats. Some lovely comments on my artwork.



Watch David’s lovely review of my artwork on his YouTube channel…Cruising the Cut

Living on a Narrowboat

If you didn’t know already we are now living on a 57′ Narrowboat called Morning Star. We are loving the lifestyle, although we can’t move anywhere for at least 6 weeks due to restriction on the network and Covid. Orders for my art have been flying in and I can’t tell you how special it feels to be producing art and selling art from the boat. People have been asking if I ship Worldwide and yes I do. I hope you are staying safe and well and thanks for stopping by.