Month: February 2021

Tools of my Trade

I recently took some picture for my website and for our channel pages on Instagram and Facebook. Although I studied art and design for two years, I never dreamt that pastel pencils would become the tools of my trade. While at Art College we used Gouche, Oil Paint, we screen printed on fabric, we studied photography, ceramics, graphics and life drawing. We never used coloured pencils although I do remember using sticks of pastel and charcoal.

I always wanted to use watercolour and have started to experiment in this medium. but a year ago I started to use coloured pencils and loved the detail you could achieve, then came along pastel pencils and I just loved the results.

In a recent YouTube video I mentioned a pet portrait I was working on and the enquires have stared to pour in. I’m now booked up months in advance and this is wonderful. I will need to take some time off from commissions so I can work on my own art and have images ready for my Calendar and Christmas cards.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


Customer Reviews

It’s so lovely when a customer receives a commission or a print and leaves a review, its even nice when they send a pic and this is both from a recent commission. I loved working on this commission for Matthew and the subject is the adorable Doris. I was almost sad to finish this one, but happy to receive this lovely picture of Matthew, Doris and the finished artwork.

Narrowboat Living in Lockdown

Well here we are living on our Narrowboat in a Marina during lockdown. How’s it been? Actually not too bad, okay we can’t visit our friends on the Marina for a brew and a chat like we were hoping and we can’t invite family and friends over to join us on the boat for a day our or simply a catch up. Our parents haven’t even seen the boat yet. But we have made some amazing friends here at the Marina.

Every Sunday we sat out no matter how cld it is and chat to our neighbours, all socially distanced of course. It’s really nice to have that human interaction with our neighbours and it’s one of the great things about the boating community. We have had so many offers of help from people, we have had cake, scones, bread even lea left for us.

While in the Marina and not actually sailing it gives me time to edit our YouTube video’s and produce new pieces of art as well as catch up with my commission work.

We also have water and electricity hook up and maybe its good that we have had to spend this winter in a Marina. As David from Cruising the Cut says, going out on your boat cruising in winter can take the fun out of it.

I have also dabbled with watercolours and really loving this medium at last.

We are hoping to go cruising out on the cut as soon as its okay to do so and we have actually checked with the Canal and River Trust who have said we are okay to travel and get closer to Anthony’s work. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading


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